Even in the field of doctoration there are numerous areas of service industry covered by me. Furthermore, I am a highly regarded guest in e.g. retail, banks, car dealerships, hotels and restaurants.

There is no need for hesitation in telling me about your goals and projects so I can manage to realize them professionally just the way you want them.

But I do not just execute classical test purchases, in which you are given advise impetuously, I even offer you the special convenience to get into a conversation with the person to be tested instantly. Beyond this, I am used to tell him/her about good and bad events done and to indicate potential for improvement immediately.

The individual activites are:

  • Test consultations with given scenarios
  • Test purchases with and without transaction
  • Surveys for your business
  • Surveys concerning brand presence
  • Service checks in your restaurants or in fast food chains
  • Test thefts for the famous attention test
  • Investment service consultancy in banks
  • Service advice in health insurance
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